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COVID-19 July 2020 Update


As we continue to change the way we do business in order to meet the needs of our clients during this COVID-19 situation, we want to take a minute and reassure our clients that we are still following all health mandates to protect your safety and well-being, as well as changing our internal office procedures to protect your confidential information.


Our remote operations have been successful in keeping business open during these “new normal” times and we have been able to respond to your needs despite our physical office remaining closed for all but emergency services. We have one paralegal in the office at all times to receive mail, process documents and deliveries, and by appointment, meet with clients to witness or notarize signatures. Because our attorneys must sometimes appear in a court hearing with their client present in the same room, we do have at least one attorney in the office each business day.

Even when we are working remotely, all of our attorneys and staff can be contacted by phone, email and video-conference. If you do have to come to the office for a court appearance, know that we follow all CDC guidelines to ensure your safety. We will take your temperature, talk to you about any recent exposure to the Covid-19 virus, provide you with a face mask if you need one, have hand sanitizer available, disinfect surfaces before and after office use, and maintain social distance while you are here. We won’t shake your hand but will share an “air hug” to let you know we are still here for you.

As part of our remote work plan, we have improved the process of handling and protecting your confidential data. Our IT department has implemented stronger and more secure ways of transmitting data over the internet, our attorneys and staff use dedicated computers linked to our secure server and network, and we have established clear guidelines for employees working at home to make sure that information shared in phone calls, emails or video-conferences remains confidential and inaccessible to third parties. Protecting your personal and confidential information remains a top priority for our firm.

Don’t hesitate to call or email us with your legal questions. We are open for business in a new and improved way. When you call or email, ask about our Covid-19 compliance – your safety and well-being are important to us.