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Answers to some frequently asked legal questions


Whether clients come to us with business, real estate or family law matters, one thing they have in common is questions. They want to understand their legal options and the most appropriate, cost-effective legal actions they should take.


At the law firm of West-Watt Law, PLC, our knowledgeable attorneys provide the legal guidance you need and can answer questions such as the following:

What are the legal remedies for breach of contract?

When a party to a contract fails to perform contractual obligations, this constitutes breach of contract. The damages can include loss of revenue or future profits. Skilled Arizona contract attorneys at West-Watt Law, PLC can help you obtain financial compensation for breach of contract including compensatory damages to reimburse monetary losses. The court can also order specific performance, which requires the breaching party to fulfill the terms of your contract.

What is the difference between marital and non-marital property in divorce?


Marital property includes assets acquired and liabilities incurred by either spouse during the marriage. Non-marital property is typically acquired by either spouse prior to the marriage and may be maintained as separate during the marriage.  At West-Watt Law, PLC, our attorneys have extensive experience with complex property distribution and offer skillful representation to those facing high-asset divorce.


How can I be sure my spouse did not hide assets prior to our divorce proceeding?


There are many ways a spouse can hide assets, such as overpaying income taxes to the IRS and then applying for a refund after the divorce is finalized. These actions can make it impossible for the unknowing spouse to receive a fair share of marital property once a divorce is finalized.  At West-Watt Law, PLC, our attorneys employ various discover strategies to uncover hidden assets.


What is alternative dispute resolution?


Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques like mediation and arbitration are means of resolving business, real estate or divorce disputes through out all court proceedings rather than litigation. ADR reduces the time and money parties spend to resolve differences. All of our Attorneys have experience representing clients in both arbitration hearings and mediation negotiations.  They are also available to be the neutral arbitrator or mediator in your ADR or mediation proceeding.

What is Arbitration?

Arbitration is a legal proceeding where each party to the legal dispute presents their position to a neutral third party arbitror who decides the outcome of the legal dispute in a non-court proceeding. Arbitration is often used as a tool to resolve a legal proceeding without the cost of a court proceeding.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process designed to help people facing legal disputes to resolve those disputes amicably. It can have a number of advantages over the litigating of disputes in a courtroom. It allows parties more control over the outcome, as they can arrive at a mutual agreement, rather than having a court impose decisions on them. It can help to reduce resentments and tensions, and is generally less expensive than litigation. Our skilled attorneys can help you make that determination, and to make educated decisions about what you should and should not agree to during mediation.

At West-Watt Law, PLC, our skilled attorneys work hard to obtain the best possible outcome to whatever legal challenge you face.


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