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Appeals of court decisions are different than other types of court cases.  They do not automatically mean that you have another trial.  The appellate court will consider whether or not the trial court made mistakes in how it applied the law in your case or whether there were mistakes made in the procedure of the trial itself.  Appeals are generally considered by a single judge or a panel of judges, who might make their decision based on the written briefs rather than hearing argument from the attorneys.  Your attorney may request a court hearing before the appellate court and, if the court agrees, then your attorney will argue your case to the court.   Appellate courts have a very different set of rules and procedures that must be followed.


Civil Appeals


A civil appeal can involve almost any civil proceeding where one party was dissatisfied with the outcome, where there are legal reasons to support the appeal, and where a party is asking the appeals court to overturn the decision of the trial Judge.  Our firm has experience in dealing with a wide variety of civil appeals, from disputes over property easements to disagreements arising from business contracts.  Our appellate attorneys are ready to assist you in either preparing or defending an appeal from a civil judgment.


Family Law Appeals


Family law appeals involve a narrow and specialized set of legal issues, including whether or not a trial judge made errors in applying the law to the facts of your case, whether the evidence presented in your trial did not support the legal findings and outcome, and whether the decision made was in your child's best interests.   Our family law and appellate attorneys have the skill and experience necessary to navigate the particular issues raised by these types of appeals.​

To set up an appointment with one of our appellate attorneys, please call our office at 520-795-7300.

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