Civil Litigation


Disagreements concerning contracts, injuries, property rights and performance of obligations often occur. When disagreements cannot be solved amicably by the parties involved, the judicial system provides a forum for resolution of disputes. When civil litigation is necessary, you need an aggressive experienced team to assist you in resolving your dispute in the courts. West-Watt Law's civil litigation attorneys can assist you with prosecuting or defending your legal position in the courts or in an alternative dispute resolution proceeding such as arbitration. West-Watt Law’s attorneys are experienced litigators that can represent you with the knowledge and skill that your matter deserves. With over 50 years combined experience as civil litigators, West-Watt Law, PLC is equipped to aggressively represent your claim or defense in a civil proceeding.  With their experience also comes the wisdom necessary to assist you in developing a practical approach that will achieve an acceptable outcome.



To set up an appointment with one of our civil litigation attorneys, please call our office at 520-795-7300.