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COVID-19 Information


To Our clients and friends:

On Monday March 30th, the Governor issued an Executive Stay at Home Order and our parents have called with concerns about home to deal with parenting time exchanges of their children. There is no easy, bright line answer in this unprecedented situation. Our best and common sense answer for all our parents is:

  1. Try to comply with the court order and make reasonable efforts to ensure parenting time occurs.

  2. The Governor's stay at home order does not prohibit exchanges            and allows transportation of family members where necessary.

  3. Clearly, if exchanging the child is unsafe because of illness or                exposure in either parents home, then don't exchange but let the          other parents know immediately that the family is self-                        quarantined. The best interests of your child is paramount.

  4. As part of parenting time planning, parents should establish protocols that both agree to follow to protect the health of everyone in the family. Reducing the children's risk for contracting coronavirus means that when your children are in your care, you are taking precautions such as frequent hand washing, limiting crowd exposure, social distancing, and not traveling, especially now under the Governor's Stay at Home Executive Order. If any of your children have a compromised immune system or other underlying health condition, more rigid procedures are required to limit your child's risk of exposure.

  5. If one or both of you contracts coronavirus, where will your children stay? Do you have some place to go to remain in isolation as directed? Do you both know the symptoms of COVID-19 and have current contact information for your children's doctor and your own? Do you have a stock of basics at home in case you and your children must remain in isolation? Talk to the other parent and make sure you have a plan for all of these things.

  6. We will talk about make up time when this crisis is over - both parents should know this and understand that this is a temporary change in parenting time.

  7. And most important.  Your children will remember these stressful days of this pandemic for the rest of their lives. Let them remember that both of their parents worked together to do all they could do to keep them safe and healthy.


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